Project 365 – Week 22

Sunday, May 27  – New Batteries

May 27 - new batteries in gear toy

I got the boys a wacky widgets electronic gear toy at the big garage sale a few weeks ago.  Bebop has built all kinds of creatures, most of which he calls silly guys, out of the gears.  On Sunday we put batteries in the main gearbox, and Bebop’s creatures are now able to move!  I do have to hide the box from Magoo because he loves to push the control buttons, and I’m afraid he’ll burn out the motor.

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Monday, May 28 – Picnic at “Orange Park”

May 28 - toddler picnic sandwitch

We took a picnic dinner to a near by park that we have nicknamed the “Orange Park”.  Magoo was quite entertaining eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich without actually picking it up off the table.

May 28 - feeding ducks

I saved the ends of bread loaves from the past few weeks, and we took them to feed the ducks.  Apparently these ducks don’t get fed very often because they kept running away from us.  We finally had to sit upstream, throw the bread in the water, and wait for it to float down to the ducks.  They were very excited to eat the bread, but never figured out where it came from.  We’ll be back to feed the ducks again, and they may eventually warm up to us.

May 28 - boys by creek

The reflection across the creek was too pretty to not take pictures.  I don’t think they were aware that Jared was taking pictures of them.  Its nice to catch a candid picture my boys giggling together.

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Tuesday, May 29 – Prized Cookie and Surprise Wasabi

May 29 - prized cookie

Bebop has figured out that we only buy things on the list at the grocery store.  Usually he’ll ask me if things he wants are on the list.  I say no, and that is usually the end of the conversation.  On Tuesday Bebop really wanted some cookies, but they were not on the list.  In the produce section he got upset that I was putting bananas and apples in the cart even though they weren’t on the list.  I tried to explain to him they were fruit and I had written fruit on the list.  He didn’t like my answer.  By the time I was finished picking out apples, someone had written the very misspelled word cookies on the list.  His attempt was “coce”.  I was impressed with Bebop’s creativity and initiative, so I let him pick out some cookies.  Then we created a new rule, no adding to the list in the store!  It’s only a matter of time before he starts to negotiate adding treats to the list before we leave the house.  And I have to be much more specific, no more writing fruit and veggies on the list.

May 29 - drinking wasabi soy sauce

For dinner, I made stir fry veggies with Asian noodles and sushi.  Bebop still won’t eat sushi, but Magoo loves it.  He also LOVES to dip things.  Doesn’t matter what the sauce is, or the resulting flavor combination,   he will dip anything on his plate into a bowl.  Dinner was no exception, and by the end he had a collection of noodles floating in Jared’s soy sauce.  It must have looked tasty, because Magoo decided to drink the sauce.

may 29 - wasabi surprised toddler

Magoo was more than surprised at the chunk of wasabi in the bottom.  Once he got over the initial reaction, he asked for more.

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Wednesday, May 30 – Pictures already posted

I posted Wednesday’s pictures last week when I announced my switch to weekly Project 365 posts.

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Thursday, May 31 – Picnic Before a Hike

May 31 - picnic on hike

On Thursday we took our dinner with us to eat along the trail of a local hike.

May 31 - Magoo watermelon

Magoo loves watermelon, but always tries to eat the green end first.  I was helping him eat from the correct end.

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Friday, June 1 – I Finally Painted My Toenails

June 1 - painted toes

I’ve been trying for several weeks to paint my toenails.  I have a very bad habit of smudging nail polish, so I like to wait until I can sit still for at least a half hour.  I finally managed to paint my toes on Friday.  Bebop caught me taking pictures of my feet and wanted to be included.  He also wanted me to paint his toe nails blue, but that didn’t happen.

June 1 - red toes

When Magoo woke up from his nap, he was obsessed with my toes.  This is the first time my toes have been painted and it has been warm enough to go barefoot since last fall.  Magoo doesn’t remember my toes ever being red before (I almost always paint them red).  He followed me around the house for over an hour pointing out my toes every time I stopped moving.  Its was pretty cute.

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Saturday, June 2 – Indoor Basketball

June 2 - indoor basketball game

Another garage sale score!  We actually set this up on Friday afternoon because it was too rainy to play outside, but I didn’t take any pictures until Saturday morning.  The boys entertained themselves while Jared and I got ready for our sculpture garden hike and photo session.

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