PreKindergarten – Week 4


Let the peace of God rule in your hearts… and be thankful. –Colossians 3:15

PreKindergarten Memory Verse

Bebop took his memory verse work very seriously this week.  He didn’t want me to take his picture because he had to concentrate.  Sorry no video this week. I have no good excuse, we just didn’t record it.

PreKindergarten Mother May I game

After reading the story of Abraham and Isaac, we talked about how Abraham was obedient to God.  We played Mother May I to practice obedience.  Bebop loved the game (Magoo though it was fun to just run around the room.)

Reading and Writing

PreKindergarten vocabulary

I’m still working to find the best vocabulary lessons/program for Bebop.  He’s picking up new words so fast that I feel like I can’t keep up with him.  I made vocabulary cards from the Dolch pre primer word list and my own list of calendar words (days, months, seasons).  Bebop was able to read all but a handful of the 100+ words.  I hope to start building sentences and telling stories with these word cards next week.

PreKindergarten Vocabulary Stamp Activity

Bebop liked stamping his words, but the stamps were a little too small for his fingers.  I also gave him too many words and he lost concentration by the end.  This activity would be good to do with just one word at a time and/or bigger stamps.

PreKindergarten Crown Craft

We read several stories that featured kings.  The boys made orange crowns out of construction paper and raided the sticker box to decorate them.  Bebop built a castle (middle picture) and acted out part of “Puss in Boots” from Stories from Around the World.  I was impressed with how much of the story Bebop could recall.  Bebop was not impressed with Magoo’s lack of cooperation or constant attempts to destroy the castle walls.

PreKindergarten Frog Craft

We made frog hats to go along with “Polly and the Frog” from The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book.  Both boys wore their hats most of the day.


PreKindergarten Counting

We made it to 20!!  We are slowly counting our way to 100 in a method very similar to what is outlined in Montessori at Home  (I made the number mats and word cards myself).  We spent all week building 20 out of both unifix cubes and coins.  I think Bebop is really starting to get grouping by 10s.

PreKindergarten Math word problems

Bebop is now able to read the word problem cards by himself.  I let him do the addition cards independently.  On the subtraction cards I fill in the numbers to make sure he doesn’t have a negative total (we’re not ready for negative numbers any time soon!)  He is still very much thinking of numbers concretely, so I continue to have him work each problem with a manipulative.


PreKindergarten drawing

Jared cut 6 inches off the legs of our folding table so I could set it up as a craft table for the boys.  It’s perfect for Bebop but still a little tall for Magoo.  I have Magoo stand on a stool and it keeps him in one place.  Bebop asked to draw every day, and drew several castles this week.  I think he really liked all the stories about kings!

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