Glow Sticks in the Bath Tub

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mini rainbow color bar

I’ve seen various ideas floating around pinterest to have themed bubble baths for kids.  I love the idea, but we don’t do bubble baths during the winter due to dry skin issues.  Then I saw a glow stick bubble bath and new my boys would love it!

What a fun idea for bath time!  So easy and no mess to clean up.

Jared had some mini glow sticks (about an inch an a half long) that he keeps on hand for camping and fishing.  I think they turned out to be more fun than big glow sticks because the boys could put them inside old travel size shampoo bottles filled with water.  Magoo loved filling and dumping the bottles over and over!

The boys loved playing with glow sticks in the bath - definitely something we'll have to try again! - Glow Sticks in the Bath from For This Season

In case you’re wondering, its almost impossible to get little boys to hold still for a picture.  Especially in the dark!  Bebop and Magoo were both giggling and wiggling when we turned the lights off.  Doodad was sitting on my lap watching the big boys and squealed along with them.  When bath time was over, the boys put their glow sticks in a bottle of water to take to bed.  All of the water in the bottles glowed, making a mini night light.  Magoo fell asleep cuddling his new treasure.  I’m sure the boys will be asking for glow sticks every night from now on!

mini rainbow color bar

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