Dairy Free 101 Ebook

We became a dairy free family in 2011 when our pediatrician suspected a dairy allergy in our second baby, specifically cow milk proteins. I drove home from the doctor’s office with no idea what I would feed my family for dinner that night. Every meal I had planned or knew how to cook without looking up a recipe had either milk or butter or both. It took several months, but I learned to cook wholesome, delicious meals without dairy that our whole family enjoys. This cooking guide and recipe collection is the resource I wish someone handed me three years ago.

Dairy Free 101 By Becky Marie (3D Cover)

Dairy Free 101 contains 26 favorite family recipes formatted with one recipe per page.  You can easily print any or all recipes and place them in a three ring binder.

Table Of Contents

Milk in Foods: Reading Labels
Substitution Guidelines
Substitutions for Butter
Substitutions for Buttermilk
Substitutions for Cheese
Substitutions for Cream
Substitutions for Cream Cheese
Substitutions for Milk
Substitutions for Sour Cream
Substitutions for Yogurt
Substitutions for Whipped Cream
Meal Ideas
Main Dishes Recipes
Barley Salad with Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Chicken Pot Pie and Whole Wheat Pie Crust
Fried Rice
Greek Style Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Goat Cheese Lasagna
Homemade Pizza Rolls
Leftover Ham Soup
Lettuce Wraps
Oven Baked Orange Chicken
Peanut Butter Pasta
Potato Soup
Roasted Vegetable Soup
Salsa Soup
Southwest Chicken Wraps
Waldorf Chicken Salad
Baking Recipes
Mixed Berry Cobbler
Pancake or Waffle Batter
Pumpkin Pie Cookies
Vanilla Cupcakes
Condiment Recipes
Banana Frosting
Coconut Milk “Yogurt”
Nacho Not-Cheese Sauce
Ranch Dressing
Whipped Coconut Cream