Classical Kindergarten Kick Off

Bebop started his classical co-op kindergarten class this week.  There was a meeting for parents a few weeks ago that I missed, so I did not have any of the materials ahead of time.  And that turned out to be a VERY good thing!  If I had the guide a head of time, I probably would have felt the need to plan a bunch of extra stuff.  I talked to several moms who assured me that for a kindergartener I do not need to add anything to the program except math.  We will only be doing extra work at home if Bebop is interested in a particular topic.  (I’m still undecided what to do about math, so for now we’re still doing play based exploration with manipulatives.)

Classical Kindergarten Kick Off

Bebop loved having a class and a seat at the table.  Moms are encouraged to observe the class, so this was my view for the morning.

Our co-op is using curriculum from Claritas Classical Academy.  Bebop is in the grammar level class.  Each week he has memory work in eight areas: Grammar, Math, Science, Scripture, History, Catechism, Geography and Latin.  At first glance it seems to be a lot of memorization and certainly overwhelming.  All the memory work is set to music and the track for week 1 is just over 6 minutes.  So it’s really not that much.  We are still working out the best way to incorporate the memory work into our daily routine.  So far the boys have asked to listen to the music nonstop.  I have the first two weeks memorized already and I love hearing Magoo walk around the house singing, “2, 4, 6…”

Every class the kids do a short 2 to 3 minute presentation on various topics.  For the first week, the kids introduced themselves to the class.  Both Jared and I feel that public speaking is extremely important for our kids to learn, so I was thrilled to see it incorporated weekly.  In addition to speaking the children are also coached on being good listeners and asking appropriate questions.  This was my favorite part of the first week!

Classical Kindergarten First Presentation

Bebop’s first presentation to introduce himself to the class.

I will be posting a Classical Kindergarten weekly wrap up of the extras we do at home.  I will be using the topics within the memory work to create small lessons and continue to present them in a Montessori style.

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