Bb is for… {Alphabet Activities for All Ages}

The letter Bb was so fun to study!  B is an easy letter to explore with objects from around the house.  I put our flash cards and a few magnets in the letter b tin this week in addition to a larger letter B toy tub (that I didn’t get a picture of).  The boys played with balls, blocks, and a nerf bat throughout the week.  I just realized the block pictured shows the letter o, the other side has the letter b on it.  The boy played extensively with our wooden blocks all week.

Bb is for - Alphabet Activities for All Ages from For This Season

Bebop is in Kindergarten (5 years old).  Magoo is in Preschool (39 months).  Doodad is in Tiny Tot School (15 months).

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Letter B - Painting with balls

A while ago, I saw the idea to paint with spiky balls in a cardboard box.  I printed out a B for both boys and placed them in old cardboard boxes.  Bebop had a large flat rate box and Magoo had a medium flat rate box, recycled of course!  I did have to trim the page slightly to fit in the medium box, but Magoo was able to get better paint coverage using a smaller box.  At first we tried just dipping the balls in paint, but not enough transferred to the paper.  I gave the boys each two large dabs of paint to roll the balls through and the final art had a beautiful firework effect.  Set up was pretty quick and the boys “painted” for close to 20 minutes.  Clean up was also easy, except for the part where Magoo escaped with paint on his hands.  We will definitely be painting in cardboard boxes again!

Letter B - Balancing

B is for balance!  Everyone has an extra 2×4 just laying around in the basement right?  I brought up the wood board and placed it in the hallway for the boys to use as a balance beam.   Due to the squishy carpet pad, the beam wobbled a bit making it  harder than it looks to stay balanced.  The boys took turns just walking, then tip toes, and then running.  I also had them try to balance things on their heads.  Both were able to balance an upside down  bowl fairly easily, but the book and the ball (Magoo’s idea) were much more difficult.

Letter B - Coloring a mini book

Magoo remembered the mini book from two weeks ago and was very excited to color this week.  He is normally not at all interested in coloring, but wanted this sheet as soon as I printed it.  We spent the week trying to find the letter b and words that start with b around the house.  Magoo is able to identify both a and b the majority of the time.

Letter B Mini Coloring Book from For This Season

Click Here to download a free letter B mini coloring book.

Letter B Handwriting worksheets from For This Season

Click here to download a free letter B handwriting packet.

I’ve started a daily notebook of work for Bebop.  I put the letter B handwriting sheets in along with several other assignments.  It seems to be a pretty good system to help Bebop do more independent work.  Once we figure out the best way to use the notebook daily, I’ll share it with you.  (And I’ll try to take few pictures too!)

Be sure to stop by the Vicki Arnold blog for a list of favorite bird books and a free coloring page.

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