Lunch on the Go: Paleo Lettuce Wraps

Paleo Lettuce Wraps - Lunch on the go

For the past month or so, I've tried really hard to eat healthy.  In the past I've eaten a paleo diet off and on.  I always get stuck on what to pack for lunch that is portable, healthy, AND my kids will actually eat.  After a bit of trial and error, we found a way of making lettuce wraps that everyone loves (or at least eats). You could use any type of lettuce you'd like, but I've found that romaine holds up the best.  Cut the thick part of the stem from the middle of the leaf to make it easier to roll. My favorite filling is lunch meat and avocado!  Just check for nitrate-free ...

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SmartKidz Media Subscription Review

SmartKida Media Subscription Review

Every homeschool mom is probably pleased to get an entire library of educational videos and interactive books to use through out the school year right?  That was certainly the case for us when we got the opportunity to review SmartKids Media along with other members of the TOS Review Crew.  SmartKidz Media is an online library of media resources including documentaries, animated educational clips, ebooks, and audio tracts.  We have been exploring the SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers over the last few weeks.  The resources are organized by media format: World of Discovery Videos, ...

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Delightfully Dairy Free Weekly Meal Plan #2

Delightfully Dairy Free Weekly Meal Plan 2

As I sat down to plan out this week's meals, I followed my usual practice and I copied most of last week's plan!  Last year my friend Jessi wrote about eating the same meal plan over and over (and over).  I'm not quite at the place where we repeat all our meals, but I do recycle about half the meal plan every week.  In fact this week breakfast and lunch are exactly the same, so go to last week's post for recommendations. As for the dinners, I'm sticking with our routine of Taco Tuesdays and Hot Dog Fridays.  I asked the boys each to give me a suggestion, then I consulted pinterst to fill in ...

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CTC Math – Online Math Tutor Review

CTC Math - Online Math Tutor Review

Another online math program?  When the opportunity came up to review CTC Math through the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I really didn’t want to be selected for this one.  We have tried several different programs in the past that didn't work for us.  I thought digital math resources wouldn't ever work for us, but that was before we tried using CTC Math.  The CTC Math is so different from any other online math resource we’ve tried.  So much that Bebop asks me to work on math every day! CTC Math is subscription based online math tutoring program that includes the typical scope and sequence type ...

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Top Military Life Posts


Today Was Hard {Repost from the First Day of Deployment}

I was working on things behind the blog this weekend, mostly cleaning up old post and editing categories and such.  My end goal is to make this more user-friendly.  As I was going through old posts, I found this one from the first day of deployment last year.  I had completely forgotten that I’d written…

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Deployment is not the Hardest Part of Military Life

Deployment is NOT the Hardest Part of Military Life

It’s just not. In my time as a military spouse, I’ve noticed that deployment is often treated as THE sacrifice that families make.  To the point that all other struggles are dismissed and often never addressed or supported.  Deployment has been put on a pedestal as something holy.  I mean that in the biblical sense…

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Contentment & Military Life

Contentment and Military Life

We’re moving next year. And 3 to 4 years after that. And probably 3 to 4 years after that too. That’s a big piece of military life. We know going into a new community that our time there is limited. That can make it very hard to engage with others at times, especially on short…

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Deployment Journal - The Reunion

Our Reunion – The Start of My Deployment Journal

I feel like I’ve been keeping a big secret from my blog readers because I never talk about being a military family. Some is intentional, as there are parts of our family life I choose to not blog about. For the most part our every day life is just like everyone else, so I had…

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