Reading Kingdom Review

Reading Kingdom - Learning Letters

Magoo desperately wants to read.  He’s right in the middle of the sensitive period for reading, picking up sounds and words daily.  When his big brother was learning to read, I just used a simple phonics system.  Magoo is completely different!  My current strategy is to try everything and see what works.  Reading Kingdom is our latest trial and I’m very happy to tell you about how well is has been working for us. We were provided with a year subscription to Reading Kingdom Online to review.  Reading Kingdom is a web based, game style educational program for students learning to read.  We ...

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Classical Education within a Communtiy

Classical Education within Community

We have been classical homeschoolers for two and a half years.  For all of that time, we have participated in a classical style homeschool cooperative (co-op for short).  As I said in the introduction to this series, I would not have attempted a classical education on my own.  I choose the classical style three summers ago because it’s what was available in our area.  We have never tried to apply the principles of a classical education in the absence of community so I want you to know upfront in this series that our community has had a huge influence on our experience. For The ...

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31 Days of Classical Education

Classical Education

We are homeschooling our boys in the classical style.  Three year ago when we started this journey it was very overwhelming.  Now that we are completely immersed in all things classical, I can say without reservation that it’s a perfect fit for our family.  I’ve decided to take the month of October to talk about various aspects of classical education as they apply to homeschooling. Why 31 Days? If you are new to this blog or new to blogging you might not understand the tradition of the #write31days challenge.  Every October, bloggers far and wide focus on writing every day on a single ...

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Two New Games for the Whole Family {USAopoly Review}

USAopoly Reveiw - Family Friendly Games

We are a gaming family!  Jared and I started collecting board and card games way back when we were dating.  Now that we have kids, our collection has shifted a bit, but we still enjoy a quite evening playing games around the coffee table.  The boys were very excited when our box from USAopoly arrived with not one but TWO new games! USAopoly provided us with Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game to review.  Right out of the box the boys explored the games.  It was quite entertaining to watch as the little boys just wanted to touch everything and the biggest ...

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Top Military Life Posts

Waiting for Dad to come home from work

Deployment is NOT Work!

During our deployment last year, one of my biggest struggles was managing the expectations and emotions of my three little boys here at home. I followed advice from my mom and made sure to use carefully though out words when explaining the changes to our kids. When our soldiers, sailors, and airmen deploy, they work…

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Today Was Hard {Repost from the First Day of Deployment}

I was working on things behind the blog this weekend, mostly cleaning up old post and editing categories and such.  My end goal is to make this more user-friendly.  As I was going through old posts, I found this one from the first day of deployment last year.  I had completely forgotten that I’d written…

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Deployment is not the Hardest Part of Military Life

Deployment is NOT the Hardest Part of Military Life

It’s just not. In my time as a military spouse, I’ve noticed that deployment is often treated as THE sacrifice that families make.  To the point that all other struggles are dismissed and often never addressed or supported.  Deployment has been put on a pedestal as something holy.  I mean that in the biblical sense…

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Contentment & Military Life

Contentment and Military Life

We’re moving next year. And 3 to 4 years after that. And probably 3 to 4 years after that too. That’s a big piece of military life. We know going into a new community that our time there is limited. That can make it very hard to engage with others at times, especially on short…

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