Our Adventure in Ancient Egypt (Home School in the Woods Unit Study Review)

Project Passport Ancient Egypt Review (Home School in the Woods)

I love learning about history, but often feel like I don’t know enough to put together quality unit studies for the boys.  Bebop and Magoo are both very curious about events in the past, and both were particularly interested in learning about Ancient Egypt!  We received a Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt digital download from Home School in the Woods to review.  This unit study is packed with so many activities it was almost hard to decide what to do! About the Project Passport Unit Studies The Ancient Egypt study is a multi sensory unit that is set up like taking a ...

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Dairy Free Split Pea Soup Recipe

A delicious soup recipe your whole family will love! This split pea soup is dairy free, gluten free, paleo and is flavored with bacon. YUM!

When we first transitioned to being a dairy free family, split pea soup is one of the first I made regularly because it is easy to get a creamy texture without actually using cream.  For a long time, I only made split pea soup on cold days.  Recently I've been trying to adapt my soup recipes to the slow cooker for busy days.  Now this soup has become a favorite to eat after family workouts at the gym. This soup starts with what I like to call my vegetable soup base.  Its equal parts of chopped carrots, celery, and onions.  This can all be chopped ahead of time and frozen raw until you are ...

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Establishing A Routine in Our Montessori Home Preschool (School Week 1)

Montessori Tot School - Counting with Flags and Beads

A few weeks ago we decided to rearrange rooms, giving Bebop his own bedroom and moving the school room back to the basement.  When we first moved into the house, we put the school room in the basement.  It moved upstairs two years ago so we could refinish the large playroom in the basement.  I absolutely love the new space we have downstairs, but as with any change, it takes time to reestablish a routine with the boys. This is a very short wrap up of the first week of PreK for Magoo (4 years old) and TotSchool for Doodad (32 Months) of the 2015-2016 school year.  The boys both really enjoyed ...

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Approaches to Christian Homeschooling (Book Review)


My first introduction to homeschooling was watching my neighbor interact with her kids when Bebop was just a few months old.  I had so many questions for her!  I started researching then and became very familiar with the Classical Method of education.  Through a few google searches and my own experiences as a preschooler I also began to apply the Montessori Method.  Right before Bebop started kindergarten, I discovered the Charlotte Mason approach. I quickly began to wonder, how many other philosophies are out there that I should know about? This post contains affiliate links. Approaches ...

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Top Military Life Posts


Today Was Hard {Repost from the First Day of Deployment}

I was working on things behind the blog this weekend, mostly cleaning up old post and editing categories and such.  My end goal is to make this more user-friendly.  As I was going through old posts, I found this one from the first day of deployment last year.  I had completely forgotten that I’d written…

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Deployment is not the Hardest Part of Military Life

Deployment is NOT the Hardest Part of Military Life

It’s just not. In my time as a military spouse, I’ve noticed that deployment is often treated as THE sacrifice that families make.  To the point that all other struggles are dismissed and often never addressed or supported.  Deployment has been put on a pedestal as something holy.  I mean that in the biblical sense…

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Contentment & Military Life

Contentment and Military Life

We’re moving next year. And 3 to 4 years after that. And probably 3 to 4 years after that too. That’s a big piece of military life. We know going into a new community that our time there is limited. That can make it very hard to engage with others at times, especially on short…

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Deployment Journal - The Reunion

Our Reunion – The Start of My Deployment Journal

I feel like I’ve been keeping a big secret from my blog readers because I never talk about being a military family. Some is intentional, as there are parts of our family life I choose to not blog about. For the most part our every day life is just like everyone else, so I had…

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